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LN metropolis
Corruption +4; Crime +4; Economy +7; Law +3; Lore +4; Society +8
Qualities academic, prosperous, strategic location, tourist attraction
Danger +10
Location Outlands
Government council
Population 80,000 (45% human, 25% gnome, 5% genasi, 4% aasimar, 2% mercane, 2% zenythri, 4% other)
Notable NPCs


Base Value 25,600 gp; Purchase Limit 150,000 gp; Spellcasting 9th

gov: choose one

autocracy - single individual chosen by the people; council - group of councilors, often guild masters or nobility; magical - individual or group with strong magical power; overlord - single individual that seized or inherited control; secret syndicate - unofficial or illegal group rules, sometimes as puppet masters

qual: thorp/hamlet 1, village/small town 2, large town 3, small city 4, large city 5, metropolis 6

academic - has well-renown school, university, training facility, etc.; holy site - hosts a shrine, temple, landmark of great religious significance; insular - isolated physically or spiritually, citizens loyal to one another; magically attuned - at a location of great magical power such as nexus of ley lines or enchanted landmark; notorious - reputation for illegal activities; pious - known for friendly, religiously devoted citizenry; prosperous - popular trading hub; racially intolerant - prejudiced against one or more races, list in parens; rumormongering citizens - gossipy citizens; strategic location - sits as a spot of tactical import such as a crossroads, chokepoint, or major port; superstitious - fear of magic and the unexplained; tourist attraction - has something that travelers come from all over to see

disads: choose rarely

anarchy - no leaders or government; cursed - self-explanatory; hunted - powerful group or monster uses city as hunting ground; impoverished - destitute, commonly with famine or disease; plagued - suffering some sort of protracted malady or contagion

modifiers: all modifiers affect skill checks made within the city

corruption - how honest citizens are, how likely to report a crime: bluff against city officials/guards, stealth checks outside; crime - how common crime is in the settlement: sense motive checks vs. bluff, sleight of hand checks for picking pockets; economy - health of trade within the city, level of prosperity: all craft & perform checks to generate income; law - how strict the laws and edicts of the settlement are, how alert guards are, how cowed citizens are: intimidate checks to make citizens friendly, diplomacy checks to alter attitude of govt officials or to call guards; lore - how willing people are to talk, how open libraries are: diplomacy checks to gather information, any knowledge check done with help of a library or similar; society - how open-minded & cosmopolitan the populace is, how used to oddities: all disguise checks, and diplomacy checks to alter attitude of non-govt officials





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