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One of the lesser-seen planetouched, zenythri descend from the spirits of Law, the ways of order running deep through their veins. While at rare times they can appear from the bloodline of an archon or baatezu especially committed to Order, more commonly this variety of planetouched emerges through pure planar exposure, naught but time spent in the depths of the planes of Law.


While every zenythri is unique, this planetouched occuring too rarely and intermittently to have any traditions or culture of their own, there are certain qualities found in many examples of the kind; chiefly noted and known about them is a perfectionism in whatever their prefered task might be. Few zenythri are happy with a job only partially completed, or a job done poorly, hewing closely to the saying "anything worth doing is worth doing well". To many zenythri, poor or apathetic performance is seen as a sign of disrespect. As a result, zenythri have a reputation as being an especially intense planetouched, although this is not necessarily true any more than it is in any other people. While they may have little care for shoddy performance, this is expressed in a wide gamut of ways, from minor irritation to outright disgust.

Oftentimes uncomfortable with the unpredictable nature of most people, a higher proportion of zenythri than most tend towards introversion, especially outside the more regimented environments of the planes of Law or the Law-side Outlands. Those that are more extroverted tend to also be those more aware of the subtle rules that underlie social interactions; not necessarily manipulative, but certainly insightful into social dynamics, leading many more extroverted zenythri to enter into politics, diplomacy, or other such careers.


Zenythri have an innate instinct for the way of things, granting them very minor precognitive-like foresight; not to any significant degree, but zenythri tend to be able to predict certain events or actions a few moments before they happen. While the most obvious benefit of this skill is in combat, it can provide the occasional slight benefit in any number of situations.

Much as with other planetouched, zenythri are naturally longer lived than their parent species. On average, a zenythri will live around twice as long as their parents; when the parents are of different species, the lifespan can be harder to determine, but it tends to at least be as long as the longer-lived parent.


Though superficially zenythri bear resemblance to the species of their parents, they always stand as the aesthetic pinnacle of such. While they might not always be the healthiest, most fit, or most attractive individuals, the form they take is always objectively well-arranged; no blemishes, not the slightest asymmetry, all measurements in perfect geometric ratios to one another. Of course, even then, none could be misidentified. A zenythri's skin tone, regardless of heritage, ranges from light blue to deep violet, with hair and eyes in identical metallic shades.


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