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Elemental crossbreeds, genasi are one of the planetouched, mortals with outsider heritage or planar influence. Genasi tend to be surprisingly uncommon outside the inner planes for how well known they are, with most finding the "outside" world too uncomfortable for their experience. Despite this, however, they are certainly not hard to find, and most planar metropolises will have at least a small community of genasi.

As elementally-descended beings, genasi have things rougher than many planetouched. As beings even further apart from the mortal world as most planar natives, elementals tend to have an especially low opinion of mortals, and this unfortunately carries over to the genasi. Though some have perfectly happy home lives, far more suffer derision and rejection from their elemental side, placing many such in the awful predicament of feeling entirely unwelcome in the only realm they feel comfortable in. As a result, genasi have something of a reputation of being touchy and insular, private beings that tend to care little for others, with little more concern than complaining about how poorly their current homes compare to the elemental planes. This, unfortunately, is quite untrue for the majority of genasi, but the stereotype still tenaciously clings to common perception.

Genasi of each of the inner planes but the planes of energy have been reported, and they can be born in one of two ways. The first, and most obvious, is descent from a mortal and an elemental parent. Genies are especially common parents, but any intelligent elemental being that can be of a mostly-humanoid form can potentially parent a genasi. Of course, some inner planes have no suitable such beings; genasi of these elements instead result from the spontaneous transformation of an unborn child that has spent a large amount of time on the proper plane, making them one of the few planetouched that can be formed by pure planar exposure.

For information on the specific genasi peoples, see the individual pages below. However, keep in mind that any commentary on the psychology or outlook of the individual branches is purely in the general sense; genasi are as complex individuals as any, and though some may strictly follow the common stereotypes of their people, others may stray far from any such prior assumptions.

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