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By far the most commonly encountered variety of genasi, air genasi, also known as "wind dukes" or "sylphs" (not to be confused with the fey species) have spread further and more readily than any other variant, in large part due to the support of the djinni. In fact, the very word "genasi" descends from the Auran term "djinnesi"; literally "half-djinn".

A carefree people, air genasi often seem heedless of their surroundings, concerned more with enjoying the moment than the long view. Though not entirely inaccurate, many genasi specifically cultivate this assumption in others in order to encourage underestimation amongst outsiders. Though they somewhat surprisingly have no need to breathe (often teasing those that do), they quite enjoy the variety of scents and flavors to the air of other realms, and many journey simply to sample the wide variety of atmospheres. Quite emotional, air genasi will often bounce between extremes of utter inscrutability and almost manic intensity. As many are descended from djinn, quite a few air genasi embrace their heritage wholly, taking on the trappings of nobility befitting their parentage and acting accordingly.


Air genasi, as do all genasi, usually bear some trait identifying their elemental heritage. Light blue or pure white hair and skin are common, as is flesh that's cool to the touch in all conditions. Some air genasi are surrounded by a constant breeze, while others possess voices that can be heard over wind of any strength. Many air genasi will care little for their appearance, enjoying the feel of long, wind-tossed hair and wearing patched, mended outfits long past the point that most would simply replace them.


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