Tiera Minuut

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Tiera Minuut
N large town
Corruption +0; Crime +0; Economy +2; Law -2; Lore +0; Society +4
Qualities magically attuned, prosperous, strategic location
Danger +5
Location Ice
Government council
Population 4,000 (79% human, 9% genasi (ice, air), 5% half-elf, 3% qorrashi, 2% ice mephit, 1% djinni, 1% uldra)
Base Value 3,200 gp; Purchase Limit 17,000 gp; Spellcasting 7th

The only open city in the Paraelemental Plane of Ice that could truly be called "major", Tiera Minuut is a large trading post located miles above the surface of Precipice, ruled by a council of nine men and women. Once found within the Elemental Plane of Air, this city was constructed by the priests of a since-forgotten wind goddess, even her name lost. It drifted to Ice under conditions unknown, and today serves as the most prominent gateway to the plane. The few heavily-traveled portals into and out of Ice are located here, receiving heavy traffic from both planar travelers and merchants seeking to exploit what few resources the plane has to offer.

Well-suited in its position, Tiera Minuut is covered in a mystical bubble that allows the city to keep some small degree of warmth above the rest of the plane. Though still cold by the standards of most, it's not dangerously so, with heavy cloths being sufficient protection to walk about on its streets. As a further boon, most natives of Ice find its temperature uncomfortable, especially the more dangerous of such. Thus, many explorers of Ice make their homes here, trekking out to investigate the mysteries of the plane and returning to Tiera Minuut to a warm fire and a warm beverage at the end of their trips.

Having to import nearly all its resources and being the only easy source for many of Ice's bounties, Tiera Minuut receives a good deal of economic activity. The fur trade is one of the more major facets, as is the trade of various other resources harvested from the animals and creatures of the Floating Plane; blubber and meat, for example. And of course, the rarer materials show healthy trade as well. Quite a few citizens of this city make their livings by risking their lives in regions of "true cold", collecting frozen ideas and concepts to sell to the traveling merchants that visit every so often, who then proceed to distribute them throughout the planes. And of course, the sale of coldfire and eternal ice both contribute to Tiera Minuut's economic growth as well, even if both substances are fairly rare even here at their source.


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