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Precipice marks the boundary region between the Elemental Plane of Air and the Paraelemental Plane of Ice. Towards the direction of Air, it resembles a howling blizzard, slowly growing weaker as one draws further from the border. Towards the direction of Ice, the infinite ice of the plane breaks to a surface, resembling the arctic lands of any number of Prime worlds. Most planars that visit Ice never explore much further than Precipice, as it's both safer and easier to travel than within the mass of the plane; here, there are no worries about creating a source of air or being trapped as the plane seals tunnels cut into itself, and even gravity cooperates to hold a person to its surface. In fact, many are unaware that anything even exists of Ice beyond this region.

It is here that the Mountain of Ultimate Winter can be found, as well as the Chiseled Estate and Tiera Minuut. As well, the majority of settlements kept by non-natives are located in Precipice, due to its slightly-higher level of hospitality as compared to the rest of the plane.


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