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Enter Pathfinder Stats

The noviere, one of the lesser eladrin castes, are considered by many to be the easiest of these fey to deal with. Direct and to the point, and willing to engage in trade, they deal with most mortal-eladrin interactions despite being found almost entirely in Ossa.


Noviere in their demihuman form hold a vague resemblance to aquatic elves or nixies, with their pointed, swept-back ears, skin-tones of green, blue, or gold, and hair that ranges from deep-green to pale blond. Few would mistake one for the other, however, as noviere tend to be slightly stockier in build than elves, without the gills or finger webbing that marks an aquatic elves, and with eyes that mirror the color of the seas around them. As all eladrin, a noviere can also take on a more elemental form; in their case, that of a golden dolphin seven feet long, made entirely of shimmering water.

Noviere are among the most social of the eladrin, after the coure. Though they rarely leave their home of Ossa, they do occasionally visit other planes or the Prime to visit with nereids or merfolk of other lands, or to explore the coastlines of a new land. Noviere are also the most straightforward of the eladrin, having none of the flightiness of the bralani or coure, or the staid nature of the shiere; they tend to deal with a person the way he deals with them. Noviere are slow to anger, usually prefering to avoid combat. When necessary, however, they can defend themselves quite adeptly, as their graceful forms conceal a great strength. Noviere prefer to use weapons effective both above and below the water, usually wielding nets or magical tridents. Of all the eladrin, the noviere are the most fascinated in trade or material possessions, having a great appreciation for the beauty of gemstones or jewelry.


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