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One of the lesser eladrin, the shiere nevertheless play an important role, serving as the soldiers of Arborea and defending the Queen of Stars and the eladrin courts from evil intruders.


The shiere could be quite easily be confused with high elves, if not for their exceptional height; they're usually measured at around seven feet tall. Though slender and lanky, the shiere have surprising strength, quite able in their roles as defenders of the eladrin. Shiere tend to be quite fair-skinned, and as the elves they resemble, they usually possess pale golden or silver hair and piercing eyes of blue, green, or violet. They usually wield knightly weapons such as battle axes or lances, and their armor is a beautiful creation of crystal and glass, easily the equal of any plate mail despite its fragile appearance.

For fey, shiere tend to be restrained, even cold, always focused in their duty. They're most active at night, patrolling the plains of Arborea on their flying steeds, watching for any signs of attack from without. Like all eladrin, shiere can shift form; a harmless ball of fey-light much like the coure, in their case. However, shiere are much more bound into their forms than other eladrin, and prefer not to shift, able to transform much less often than their siblings.


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