Prime Material Plane

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The home plane of most mortals, this plane consists of an innumerable number of worlds, each located within an airless void known as Wildspace contained within a crystal sphere. These crystal spheres float within the phlogiston, a flammable substance that fills the remainder of the space almost as an ocean, with currents allowing for ease of travel between certain spheres.

The worlds of the Prime can be divided into categories depending on their chief elemental source: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water worlds. Most inhabited worlds are Earth worlds, though inhabited Water and Air worlds are not unheard of, while Fire worlds serve as the suns that travel through the worlds' skies. Most spheres are structured in an orbital system, with a large central Fire world around which the other worlds of the system circle. However, other arrangements are known as well; the world of Oerth, for example, is the center of its system, with its sun Liga circling along with the other worlds of the sphere known as Greyspace. Travel from one sphere to another within the Prime is most often accomplished through the use of spelljammers; magical ships that use the power of a spellcaster to propel themselves through the void.

This plane is located in some sense in the center of the multiverse, laying coterminous to both the Astral and Ethereal Planes, allowing access to both the Outer and Inner Planes. It is here that most powers draw their power from, as most of their faithful make their kip on the Prime.

Dwellers from the Prime who travel on the planes are often referred to as "Clueless", due to the common misconceptions primes have about the planes, and the constant shock many newly-arrived visitors to the planes recieve from every new experience.

List of prime worlds