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This Prime world is widely known as the birthplace of the Ennead. A disc-shaped Earth World, this planet is largely dominated by the Kemet Empire, the nation from which first originated that pantheon. Akar is located in a crystal sphere known as Nuspace, named for the local term for Wildspace.

The Kemet Empire has a good deal of planar presence, though it uses the planes largely as a way of spreading word of the Ennead to other worlds. Planar travel makes up the majority of Kemet's spread beyond Akar, though there are minor worlds in and near Nuspace under their dominion. However, planar travelers should be warned not to advertise their origins while here, as the Kemet are somewhat of a xenophobic nation due to events in their recent history. Those who worship the Ennead tend to be accepted regardless, but others should be wary.

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