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Karinska (Pl/♀ human/Ill4/Sensate/CG(N)) is a 21 year old resident of Sigil.

An illusionist and Sensate, Karinska first met the party when travelling on a Planar Trade Consortium caravan alongside them. Her first major interaction with them came when on Lilium's urging, she went to Karth'Zanon, a kocrachon surgeon in Dis, to gain wings in exchange for the party gaining the biography of St. Bane. Initially growing close to Arian due to the shared interests of the two, she soon became a fast ally of the group.


She has black hair just below shoulder length, a slightly pale complexion, and green eyes. She has a fairly thin, frame, though hardly sickly, standing 5'4" and weighing at 113 pounds. 128 if one includes her recent acquisition; white feathered wings (a transplant from an astral deva) with a ~12' span tip-to-tip when fully stretched. Karinska's outfits tend towards cooler tones - greens, blues, light purples - with the occasional light earth tone or off-white piece.


Karinska was born in Faunel, the wild gate town of the Beastlands. As a result of this, she was embraced by nature from the moment of her birth, always close to animal life. A fairly quiet child, she tended to keep to herself, spending her time either at home working on her sculpture, or in the woods of Faunel, exploring on her own alongside the wildlife.

Karinska stayed this way for some years, staying close to her family but making only the occasional friend beyond. It wasn't until the age of 14 when this shell began to shatter, after happening across another citizen of Faunel on one of her forest trips. She fell for Franklyn quickly, as she tends to do. The two grew quite close, with Franklyn helping to pull her out, exposing her to more ideas and sowing the seed of anxiousness and wanderlust even beyond the woods.

The two stayed together for almost 4 years, but not long after her 18th birthday, Karinska made a fairly major decision; wanting to see more of the planes than just her own city, wishing to learn what else was out there, she decided to leave Franklyn and her family and move to Sigil. Though supportive, they were saddened by her choice. Even so, though, it was only a week before she left, taking her pack and journeying to the Cage.

Things were rough for her at first; living in a new place, no connections, not much money. She struggled by for a time, but lucky for her, one night when nearly out of money, she happened to meet her first actual friend here - Marina Sevrent.

Marina quickly began to help her out as best she could, supporting her while she got used to life in Sigil, helping along her desire to learn magic, and even going so far as to sponsor her entry into the Sensates. This closeness, coupled with Karin's desire to truly embrace the Sensate outlook, quickly grew into a more romantically-aligned relationship. It didn't last, however, as Karin learned after a few short months that her feelings for Marina were nothing more than platonic. Taking no offense from the realization, Marina remained close to Karin, helping her when needed.

This help soon made itself necessary once more, when Karin became embroiled with yet another Sensate, Daniel. This six-month relationship ended on much worse terms, hurting Karin more a bit, and threatening to send her back into her shell once more. Staying on her own over the next year and a half, she still continued to try to fulfill the Sensate philosophy. Throwing herself into it, finding both the good and the bad to experience. Karin focused on it almost to the exclusion of all else; until, that is, signing on to the PTC caravan. Meeting Arian, and coming so close to death thanks to Karth'Zanon's infection, brought her around, letting her see that experience to this degree wasn't the be-all and end-all she thought it as.

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