Dis (city)

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Dis (city)
LE metropolis
Corruption +8; Crime -1; Economy +8; Law +10; Lore +4; Society -2
Qualities abundant, cruel watch, insular, legendary marketplace, planned community, racial enclave (baatezu)
Danger +10
Location Baator/Dis
Government overlord
Population 30,000,000 (97% baatezu, 2% tiefling, 1% other)
Notable NPCs

Dispater, Lord of the Second

Base Value 16,000 gp; Purchase Limit 100,000 gp; Spellcasting 8th

The Endless Iron City, Dis stands in competition with Jangling Hiter for the title of gateway to Baator, receiving nearly twice as much trade but far less traffic. Despite its naturally inhospitable nature, many outsiders have sought trade with the baatezu here even before their exile from Hiter, as many more devils and their kin (and usually of far greater prominence) can be found here. Though green steel is mined amongst the plains of Avernus, it is here that it is refined, and it is here that the finest examples and the greatest quality products can be found. Others come to Dis above Hiter seeking the aid of its kocrachon surgeons, the most skilled of baatezu architects, the service of Baator's countless mercenary troupes, or even simply to seek business somewhere with true solid land.

Not to say that Dis is harmless to mortalkind, of course. On the ground, for every inch of its iron bears the heat of the plane in full, its substance broiling to the touch; many have been disfigured or even killed by simply a misstep and a tumble into a wall or street. Its arrangement makes such incidents far more common than they ought, for it is rare the walkway in Dis that spans more than two men across, but for the main thoroughfares on which caravans make their way. Despite the constant trade, there are few marketplaces or open regions, as its ruler seeks all to be on constant guard, and to never forget the weight of oppression that all mortals ought feel under the eyes of the baatezu. Travelers quickly learn to watch their shoulders, and slaves quickly learn to watch their masters, for it only takes one nudge or lash to leave a permanent mark on the unwary. All of its iron holds this heat, and all of its constructions and walkways are naught but pure iron by decree of Dispater, for it is his symbol and he would see nothing else rise from the ground. Its perfection is his eternal goal, his foremen driving slaves to tear down entire city blocks only to build them anew in novel arrangements, forever seeking that one perfect design that will capture the vision in his mind of what his city could be.

Some may seek to avoid this danger by taking to the air, but in doing so they risk an entirely separate, far more mundane threat. The air of Dis is thick with a choking smog, the result of smoke pouring out from the endless smelting needed to keep up with its constant construction, lending the sky within its walls an even deeper green hue than without. Only near the Iron Tower itself is the air clear enough to not choke the winged; in the rest of the city, only the baatezu and the fiendish birds that call the city home dare take flight without a breathing aid of some manner.

Of course, the ever-shifting streets also mean that only a native can navigate within the city for long, and many make good business hiring themselves out as guides to the constant inflow of travelers; though of course, this being Baator, one must always watch any deal made with a local. The further from the Tower, the more rapid this construction, meaning that the best real estate is to be found directly in his shadow where Dispater can not so easily spy it. Near the walls (for despite its endless expanse, a devoted traveler can still reach the city walls with focus), it is said that there may be entire neighborhoods lost to the City from such construction, all ways in or out cut off and those within left to fend for themselves; it is true that there are no obvious slums in Dis, and many think it is nothing more than Dispater's careful eye that leads them all to be simply walled away and left to rot.


The ultimate power in Dis is Dispater, ruling from the Iron Tower at the center of the city, ever-ordering the deconstruction and reconstruction of its streets. When busy with other matters, however, power falls to his provost, Biffant. Though no more benign than Dispater, when he directs the city the slave troupes may at least ease their trials, for he has little of the aesthetic obsession that so grips his master. Such times rarely last more than a day or two, unfortunately for them.



Baatezu Nobility

  • Archduke Dispater, Lord of the Second
  • Duchess Lilis, consort of Dispater (Pl/♀ noble baatezu/LE)
  • Duke Arioch, the Iron Avenger (Pl/∅ noble baatezu/LE)
  • Duke Biffant, provost of the Iron City (Pl/∅ noble baatezu/LE)
  • Duke Titivilus, nuncio of Dispater (Pl/♂ noble baatezu/LE)

Armies of the Blood War

  • Zimimar of the Dark Eight
  • General Alocer (Pl/∅ noble baatezu/LE)
  • General Bitru (Pl/∅ noble baatezu/LE)
  • General Merodach (Pl/∅ noble baatezu/LE)
  • Ustyhrin-ja, lady of the erinyes of Dis (Pl/♀ erinyes/fighter 1, Disciple of Dispater 10/LE)

City Government

City Guard



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