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C(N)G large town
Corruption +4; Crime +5; Economy -2; Law -6; Lore +2; Society -4
Qualities rumormongering citizens, strategic location, tourist attraction
Danger +25; Disadvantages anarchy
Location Outlands
Government anarchy
Population 2,700 (65% beast petitioner, 14% human, 8% bariaur, 5% elf, 4% halfling, 2% half-elf, 1% aasimar, 1% other)
Notable NPCs

Wrath, guardian of the Gate to the Beastlands

Base Value 2,600 gp; Purchase Limit 10,000 gp; Spellcasting 5th

Faunel is the gate-town to the Beastlands, located within a dense forest along the outer edge of the Outlands. A fairly small town, Faunel well embodies its nickname — "The Wreckage" — looking more like an ancient abandoned city, its stone buildings long since fallen into ruins and the wilderness having retaken them.

Despite appearances, however, Faunel is certainly an active city, however, if small; it's among the most unpopulated of the gate-towns, with only 900 humanoid occupants. Most residents are instead petitioners from the Beastlands, animals with human minds. Those that aren't are a variety of peoples; elves, humans, bariaur, kender, and halflings can all be found in various numbers within the city.

Though some of the humanoid residents of Faunel do dwell within the ruined buildings, most just use tents formed out of multi-colored tarps, making an individual's dwelling place easy to find. Even so, it can be hard to navigate through the mass of clutter and vines that always seem to fill the city's walkways, despite attempts to cut them back. The lands around Faunel are constantly encroaching upon the city, trying to take it back once more, and more undiscovered ruins are always found around the edges of the city; some say these are chunks of abandoned cities from the Prime, having fallen into the Outlands to join Faunel.

Two significant groups are known to utilize Faunel or its environs as their base. The Sign of One holds a complex here, the Center of Eternal Dreams, where they seek to unlock the secrets of dreaming and how they may allow Signers to better attain their goal of pure instinct; it is in dreams, they say, where thought completely gives way to ones internal guidance, and where ones will is most fully imposed on the land around them. There a person truly is the center of their reality.

The other group is the Vile Hunt, a nasty group of bashers who seek to kill off the entire lot of petitioners within the Beastlands. A ludicrous goal perhaps, but they have a great loathing for the idea of human minds within an animal's form, something they see as an abomination. Most believe they have some secret backing by the Mercykillers, as that group has no great love for the freedom of the Beastlands that its petitioners represent, though this claim has no proof. Obviously, the Vile Hunt doesn't act from within Faunel itself, but rather from the wilderness surrounding it.

The Gate to the Beastlands is a wide pool of water located at the center of town, guarded only by a large stone statue; a giant monolith with a human face and glowing blue eyes known only as Wrath. Chant is this statue was once a mortai of the Beastlands, who rebelled against his fellows and was thus punished with this form; there's nothing to back this up, however, as he's loathe to speak of his history. However, though he may be silent on this matter, he does ask the business of all who wish to cross into the Beastlands. Those who ignore him, or lie, tend to meet nasty ends on the far side of the gate — though locals suspect this is Wrath's doing, no one has a clue how he manages it. Beyond his position of sentinel of the Gate, Wrath stays silent, speaking only if he believes Faunel or the Beastlands would benefit; some believe it is Wrath's presence alone that keeps Faunel from shifting. The Vile Hunt has the destruction of Wrath among its goals, hoping his absence would provide them with easier access to the plane beyond, thus letting them hunt all the better.




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