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CE(N) Male tiefling sorcerer 15
Home: Castle Mahlhevik, Lunia
Allies: Alamiel, Japheth, Lebes, Sworl, Sytris
Enemies: Graz'zt (presumably)
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A poster-boy for the archons of Mount Celestia that truly believe in the righteousness within all souls, Mahlhevik is one of their greatest tales of triumph. Great-grandson of Graz'zt himself, Mahlhevik for many years was a well-known layabout in the Abyss, if an extremely dangerous one. Desiring little more than his own personal satisfaction, and willing to go to any means to achieve it, he'd ruined more than a few lives in his pursuit of personal pleasure. Vanishing in Hashkar 124, he reappeared only recently, coming to the Mount early in Hashkar 127 and claiming to seek reformation for his past and a new direction for his life. Though the archons of the Mount were certainly suspicious as to his motives (even were he honest, few by his point truly wish such a permanent change, whatever they may think at the time), after a long series of interviews and personal sessions, they've recognized that he indeed seems to be focused on bettering himself, on leaving his past behind and becoming a better person.

While he's kept well-mum on the inspiration for this change in his ways, Mahlhevik has kept the rest of his life open. With the approval of the archons, he's constructed a small keep on the shores of the Silver Sea, only about a day's walk from Heart's Faith. Here, he's kept his doors open to all, regardless of their outlook on life. New friends and old, he's accepted all into his home, seeming to both be cementing his seriousness in the eyes of questioners and hoping to set a better example to those he can't help but still call friend. While he has many old habits to unlearn, most all that visit tend to come away with at least some level of appreciation for his endeavors. And many do visit, finding his castle to be a welcome place to stay when visiting the Mount; his hospitality to all guests is renown, never turning away a traveler, and many find his environs somewhat less imposing than the other settlements of the Mount.

Indeed, he does seem to have served as an inspiration to some, as seen around his castle have been more than a few other former mortal Abyssal bluebloods causing not nearly the havoc those in Heart's Faith expected would follow in his wake. Most significantly are the former twinned terrors Sytris and Japheth, once known respectively as the Soul Reaver and the Life Leech for the havoc they caused in their visits to the Prime. Today, they're regular guests to Castle Mahlhevik, without a single word of trouble from them showing up in the broadsheets ever since they began their visits. Also a common guest is Sworl, the hound archon originally charged with watching Mahlhevik for any signs of either dishonesty or lack of devotion to his goals. While originally little more than a keeper, they since seem to have become close friends, and many visitors have noted a visit from the archon during their stay.


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