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The Silver Sea is a vast body of water that stretches around Mount Celestia in all directions, lapping at the shores of Lunia. On calm days, each gentle wave brings with it a rush of light chimes, but when the storms of the Mount stir the sea, these chimes become almost as peels of thunder resounding against the rocky shoals.. Its naturally sweet waters, wine-dark and glittering with the starlight of the layer, purify guests to the plane for good or for ill. Though endless, it's still fed by any number of rivers from all layers of Celestia; all about, one can spy the waterfalls formed by one of these rivers tumbling into the Sea, frothing the surface and sending a light mist into the air. This sea is innately blessed into true holy water just as guests to Celestia are themselves, a quality that unfortunately is part of the plane rather than the waters itself. Still, it provides both a means of fending off those of the Lower Planes that might try to move on the Mount, and a means of purifying those that wish to begin their ascent towards Chronias.

All portals into Mount Celestia from other planes open first onto the Silver Sea, and so often the first experience a person gets when entering the plane is a fall into its depths, only to be rescued by the numerous inhabitants — usually the zoveri, but there are communities of aquatic elves, tritons, merfolk, dolphins and delphons, and the occasional balaena — and carried gently to shore. It's known that far below in the sea's depths, a portal exists somewhere connecting the Sea to the River Oceanus, but only the balaena know the ways of the water well enough to find it. Still, they offer transit to any who request it, rendering any need to uncover this mystery a bit moot. Tales are told further of other mysterious beings dwelling in the lightless depths, creatures that land-dwellers have never set eyes upon, yet whose choruses echo up, bringing forth the tones heard both above and below; again, though, whether this is true or not, only the balaena can say, and they haven't spoken a word.


The shores of Lunia  


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