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Often called the "centaurs of the sea", the zoveri are the guardians of the Silver Sea of Lunia, the first layer of Mount Celestia. There they help out travelers as they arrive on the plane, watching for those in need as they fall into the shining waters.


Though unrelated to centaurs, bariaur, wemics, or other such half-human/half-animal beings, zoveri do have much in common with such people physically. Their upper halves appear as beautiful humanoids, with the slenderness of an elf but the musculature of a human. Their lower halves, however, appear as an octopus, with eight splayed-out tentacles. Though an aquatic kind, zoveri do have the ability to take the form of an elf so as to walk above land; an ability they often exploit, enjoying the interactions with people both above and below water. Records from centuries ago describe the zoveri as a solitary people, but today they are quite outgoing and friendly, both amongst each other and other kinds, and always eager to help out.

Zoveri are pacifists, fighting only as a last resort. They bear no ill will to anyone, regardless of species; even fiendish beings that fall into the Silver Sea and begin to burn alive are saved by the zoveri, who administer aid before shoving the creature through its portal back the way it came. Even for those beings who refuse aid, or who go so far as to attack the zoveri, if they still require help then the zoveri wait until they fall unconscious before dragging them onto shore to help them. Though they do carry long metal spears with which to defend themselves, these are used as little as possible, and never to kill, only for self-defense.

Zoveri, much like sharks, are constantly moving even while at rest. They can subsist on a number of things, but usually feed on various sealife; mostly fish, mollusks, and certain seaweeds. Once a year, they migrate to the warmer sections of the Sea to reproduce, where like most sea creatures, and somewhat contrary to their general attitude, they leave their eggs to fend for themselves. It's said that only one in 10,000 zoveri eggs survives to adulthood; those that do survive their hatching soon return to the waters of their parents, to join their school.


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