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Brux, land of perpetual twilight, is the second layer of the Beastlands; a realm constantly in the throes of a perpetual sunset (or perhaps sunrise) as both Selera and Noctos hang in the skies above. A misty land, the cool air is a pleasant change for many from the beating-down of Selera in Krigala. The plant life of Brux turns itself towards Selera, eking out what sustanance it can get from the always-waning light, while Noctos shines down on the inhabitants of the planes, presenting itself as a half-moon here. Brux is ruled largely by those animals limited in the Prime to brief forays during the dusk and dawn hours, here able to head out as often as they wish; tigers, bats, wolves, bears, and foxes are among the most populous inhabitants.

The terrain of Brux has as much variety as the other layers in terrain, though all lands here are much cooler than their higher-up companions. The deserts here have the cool of twilight, and the tundras are a bit more biting. Mists and fog are also common in this realm due to the cooler environment, merging with the long shadows to provide a general sense of dread within many visitors to the layer.



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