Al Karak Elam-Jhankhal

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Al Karak Elam-Jhankhal
C(N)G small town
Corruption +0; Crime +0; Economy +0; Law +1; Lore +1; Society +1
Qualities insular, pious
Danger +0
Location Beastlands/Brux
Government autocracy
Population 250 (100% avariel)
Notable NPCs

Jonaus the Suresighted, leader of Al Karak Elam-Jhankhal (Pl/♂ avariel/C6/Sign of One/CG)

Base Value 1,000 gp; Purchase Limit 5,000 gp; Spellcasting 5th

Al Karak Elam-Jhankhal, located high above the misty lands of Brux, is a nest town for the the al karak elam; the people known to outsiders as avariel, or "winged elves". This city serves as a sanctuary for them, one of many throughout the planes, though the only within the Beastlands. Though a large city, covering over a square-mile horizontally and a half-mile vertically, it has a fairly small population, the extra room granting the populace (consisting not only of avariel, but also of various predatory birds and, in the highest limbs, giant eagles) plenty of space to stretch out; something they rarely get in landbound communities.

Unlike most avariel, who tend to venerate the elven deity Aerdrie Faenya, those of this community focus their worship on Remnis, god of giant eagles and other flyers. Following from this, these avariel tend to be less chaotically inclined, and more attuned to nature itself. However, a group professing a need for increased devotion to Aerdrie is slowly gaining in strength and numbers within the community; what this spells for its future, none can say.

This city has stood for decades, with the living branches of the forests woven into nest-homes for the inhabitants. Canopied meeting rooms and common halls serve to provide for leadership needs, with rule of the city granted to Jonaus the Suresighted, the city's foremost archer and cleric of Remnis. The city is constructed quite beautifully, as can be ascribed to most elven cities, yet it also serves much more practically than most such communities. This is a reflection of the dual aspects of its citizenry. There are those citizens of Jhankal that provide for the cities needs — hunters, trackers, and warriors — and there are those that provide for its culture — craftsmen, artisans, and philosophers. Though the two halves blend, they never truly mix, remaining separate sects within the community.

Jhankhal is a fairly insular community, with little trust towards those that dwell on the ground. This is largely encouraged by the rumors, founded or not, that the wings of the avariel make for useful components in the construction of various magical items relating to flight; flying potions, wings of flying, rings of feather falling, and the like. They can be convinced if necessary to aid the nonevil, though they carry a distrust to those who openly use fire, dangerous as it is to both themselves and their city. (Besides the wood construction of their city, avariel themselves are sensitive to fire and heat, as it causes especially strong damage to their wings.) If approached cautiously, the avariel of this city may consent to serving as guides, or offering giant eagles as mounts to those specially aligned with the defense of nature; druids, rangers, or the like. If attacked, the city is quick to move to defense, the warriors and hunters of the city taking position while the others move to defend their young and elderly within the common areas of town. The various birds of prey that dwell within the city take up their own arms against intruders, aiding the warriors of Jhankhal in their fight.



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