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This strange structure, located only a short distance from the Citadel of Ice and Steel, is completely mysterious even to the most learned of planar sages, as it seems to violate a number of previously-known rules guiding the framework of the planes. The Waterspout consists of a pair of elemental vortices connecting the Elemental Planes of Air and Water located 500 yards apart, between which cascades a torrent of water. Ripples of mist spill from both portals, granting the impression of rain pouring from one cloud into another, only to vanish. Given the twin facts of Water's lack of pressure and Air's lack of gravity, no one entirely understands how this landmark functions the way it does, but function it does, and quite admirably at that.

The Waterspout has existed as a structure in Air for eons, long used as a way for marids and djinn to travel between their respective planes. It is only recently, however, that any attempt has been made at exploiting the Waterspout's properties for personal use. A blood by the name of Brahmas Pulivin (Pl/♂ air genasi/F9,M9/LN) has recently begun funding a project to construct a series of water wheels around the Waterspout, using both imported and local hirees from Air and Water, generating magical energy and storing it within an inverted sphere. No one knows the end result of his work, exactly, nor does no one know what he plans to use his newfound gains for. However, all reports have him as quite personable, striving to prevent blocking the Waterspout from genie travel, despite the occasional random attack from an unnamed source on Pulivin's work.


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