Monadic deva

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As each of their kin, monadic devas have their assigned role: to watch over the monad, the indivisible, the material elements of the multiverse. They are those angels sent to fight evil amongst the Inner Planes, observing all but the planes of energy (those being instead under the purview of their brethren, the movanic devas). Some are dispatched from the Upper Planes to act in the name of good against foes hiding amongst the elements, while others are regular servitors of those powers of Good that dwell within the elements: Ahto, Geb, Shu, and other such gods. They act as both soldiers and diplomats, seeking war and peace interchangeably as befits the situations they find themselves in.


As with all angels, monadic devas are androgynous winged humanoids, appearing neither male nor female but bearing traits of each. Much as their kin, when amongst mortals they bow to their taboos and clad themselves in simple loincloths or other coverings, but otherwise they eschew such things, having neither modesty nor primary sexual characteristics. Monadic devas tower over many mortals, even the shortest of their kind standing a full seven feet tall, but amongst geniekind or elementals their height tends to be much less intimidating. Their skin varies from light to dark brown, but their hair is without question a deep jet-black, and their eyes are always a piercing jade-green.


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