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Inhabitants of the borders between the Inner Planes, menglis (or unravelers) symbolize by their very natures the separation of elements. Their entire existence encourages the breaking down of elemental mixtures into their base components, to the irritation of (and threat to) others.


Normally invisible, when seen by those capable of viewing them a menglis appears as a 10-foot tall amorphous spirit. Menglis are only found in those places where two elements blend; most commonly the borders between the Inner Planes, but occasionally a menglis can be found where a pocket of one type of elemental matter has emerged within another plane. Though neither hostile nor especially caring for the goings-on of mortals, menglis nevertheless are dangerous beings, for their mere presence has the ability to disassemble an object or person into its component elements. Menglis are thankfully solitary creatures, with little care for interacting with others, but for what few times they do wish to speak with a mortal, they do have the ability to hold this power back; it requires a good deal of concentration on the menglis' part, however, and the slightest interruption can cause the resumption of this aura about them. Menglis bear no ill will to other beings despite the dangerousness of their nature; indeed, menglis are generally apathetic to other lifeforms. The sole exception to this is the entrope, the creation of the Doomguard that attempts to dissolve the borders between the Inner Planes. They hold a great disdain for these creatures, attacking them on sight with intent to kill when they encounter one, seeing themselves as they do as unofficial guards of the borders between the planes.

The solitary nature of the menglis extends even to their own species. There has never been more than a single menglis seen at any one time; menglis neither socialize nor associate with one another, and a menglis has no special attachment to its species as a group. It is unknown if two menglis could affect one another with their disjoining auras, or even if they consist of matter that could be disjoined.


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