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Enter Pathfinder Stats

Deadly creatures, entropes are a recent plague on the Inner Planes. These long, wormlike creatures are covered with multiple eyes, arms, and mouths, with at least one pair of claws and fanged maw amongst them.

Entropes are a recent creation of the Doomguard, in an attempt at tearing down the borders between the Inner Planes so as to encourage its falling apart. The products of hundreds of years of research by Doomguard mages and alchemists in Citadel Sealt, these creatures were finally completed after the work of four generations of Sinkers. Upon their completion, the Doomguard released their creation, only to have the first set escape their control. The Doomguard quickly created a second batch, kept under closer watch this time, but made no effort to capture or reign in the first, glad that entropy would be encouraged both with and without their guidance. It is that first batch that makes up the majority of entropes encountered today by travelers of the Inner Planes.


With little concern for aesthetics in their creation, the Doomguard didn't care much to make a reasonable-seeming creature. Vaguely reminiscent of gibbering mouthers, entropes are massive segmented creatures, 20 feet long, something like giant worms or centipedes. Entropes are covered down the length of their bodies with arms, eyes, and mouths; of an entrope's arms, at least one pair will possess a massive set of claws, and of an entrope's mouths, at least one will be filled with sharp fangs.

Though intelligent, entropes have no means of communication, as the Doomguard saw little reason to give these creatures the power of speech. Entropes also have no means of reproduction, nor any real ecology, being nothing more than biological constructs.


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