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Demipower, "Lady of the Dead, the Pitiless Dowager, the Revenancer, the Vengeful Banshee"
Pantheon: Dark Seldarine
AoC: Undead, vengeance, slavery
Worshippers: Drow, necromancers, undead
Symbol: Female drow hand wearing silver rings
Home p/r: Abyss/Thanatos
Allies: Blibdoolpoolp, the Blood Queen, Diinkarazan, Diirinka, Great Mother, Gzemnid, Hoar, Ilsensine, Ilxendren, Laogzed, Lolth, Maanzecorian, Malar, Myrkul (dead), Psilofyr, Selvetarm, Velsharoon, Vhaeraun
Enemies: Deep Duerra, Dumathoin, Eilistraee, Jergal, Kelemvor, Laduguer, Lolth, the Seldarine, XXXXXX (dead)
Favored Weapon: Dagger
Domains: Charm, Darkness, Death, Evil, Travel
Subdomains: Loss, Lust, Murder, Tanar'ri, Trade, Undeath
Known Proxies: Anista of Eight Eyes (Px/♀ drider/C12/CE); Rotting Jack (Px/♂ tanar'ri (babau)/HD 10/CE); Sleepless (Px/♂ tanar'ri (molydeus)/CE)


Kiaransalee was born as a mortal nearly 30,000 years ago, on the Prime world of Threnody, before even the banishment of Lolth from the Seldarine. A dark elven queen on that world, when the dark elves were not yet banished to the realms below, she kept at her husband's side for many centuries, using her position to obtain resources for her unholy experimentations. Her endeavors were kept secret for many years, but upon their eventual discovery by her husband, she was immediately banished from his kingdom, never to return. The first signs of her now-legendary spitefulness were seen then, as she began to plan her eventual revenge. Honing her skills even further, she began to raise an undead army the likes of which have rarely been seen. Centuries passed with naught but rumors, until finally she struck. Her armies swept over her former kingdom, slaying every single living thing within its bounds. Even after the destruction of the kingdom, she continued, moving from kingdom to kingdom until within mere years, the entire planet was a lifeless rock but for Kiaransalee herself, nothing but ruins.

Understandably fearing retribution from the Seldarine, a fate she had somehow managed to avoid to that point, Kiaransalee fled into the Abyss. The pure audacity of her act caused word of it to spread like wildfire across the planes, and soon that same audacity led other dark elves to worship her as a goddess, a self-fulfilling event that soon brought her to true divinity millennia before the ascent of Lolth, if merely as a demipower.

A minor force in the planes for thousands of years, nearly her sole interaction with any major planar forces over this time was a minor slight inflicted upon her by the Abyssal lord XXXXXX, the details of which have been lost to all but Kiaransalee ever since. This was to change upon Lolth's banishment from the Seldarine; she soon fell under that more-powerful deity's thrall, albeit quite reluctantly. Unable to offer more than minor acts of rebellion, she has served as her unwilling servant ever since.

She has achieved some minor degree of personal freedom in recent centuries, however, thanks to an achievement which surprised mortal and tanar'ri alike. Taking advantage of his complacency, Kiaransalee invaded the layer of Thanatos, slaying XXXXXX before he could even muster a defense. After slaughtering his armies, proxies, and servants, keeping but one for herself, she enacted a ritual to wipe all record of the name of XXXXXX from the entirety of existence, ensuring he would never be able to return. Taking Thanatos for herself, she has well enjoyed her greater latitude, transforming the realm into a sanctuary for her followers both living and dead.


Forgive neither a slight, nor a debt; remember that payment must always be collected, whether in treasure or in vengeance. Life is the greatest crime, and perpetual slavery the fittest punishment. Let there be no freedom for the enslaved, even in death. Death comes for all; when it comes for you, take your staves and your treasure with you to the grave. The riches of the grave are the dowry of the mistress.


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