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Dead Power ({{{strength}}})
AoC: Knowledge, philosophy, secrets
Worshippers: Illithid
Symbol: Silver crown set with red gem
Home p: Astral Plane
Allies: Ilsensine
Enemies: None
Favored Weapon: None
Domains: Evil, Law, Knowledge, Magic, Nobility
Subdomains: Arcane, Aristocracy, Loss, Memory, Night, Thought
Known Proxies: Dleniacorus (Px/∅ illithid/8 HD/LE); Hananolith (Px/∅ illithid/8 HD/LE)

Little was known about this obscure power in his life, and that hasn't changed since his death. In a vague sense more personable than his patron, Maanzecorian was much more willing to consider other species as worthy peers than Ilsensine; while he still certainly held to the ultimate superiority of the illithid, this sense of superiority took the form more of condescension towards other species than the far more common categorization of other beings as mere cattle. More willing to grant consideration to worth in the thoughts and ideas of other peoples, he and his followers would often grant conversation prior to, or even in lieu of, simple brain consumption to gain knowledge, believing that there was something fundamentally worthwhile in the telling that was lost by a mere theft of knowledge.

In Hashkar 128, this deity was the first to be slain by XXXXXX during his efforts at XXXXXX. Following the god's death, internecine quarrels began throughout the illithid people, though given Maanzecorian's relative lack of prevalence these fights were quickly quashed. In an effort at reasserting power over the once-wayward, shrines and written works honoring Maanzecorian were destroyed by its followers in most all major illithid settlements; reports of some few holdouts seeking a return of their god emerged on occasion, but little confirmation exists, and any such illithid would almost certainly be anathema to the remainder of their people without the authority of their deity to defend them.


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