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Hav'run Thain (Pr/♂ minotaur/F12/LN) is a long-since expatriate of the Prime world of Krynn. Many years ago, he met the Vagis on that world, and the two eventually became close friends. Fleeing their homeworld together, they entered the planes, where they soon discovered and joined the Planewalker's Guild. Today, Thain leads the Guild, taking care of its day-to-day administration though often taking the time to leave for his own explorations.

Contrary to many Krynnish minotaurs, Thain is fairly peace-loving. Though he still values honor and prowess in battle, he recognizes the need for a less violent approach in many dealings. He also values the Guild highly, considering it as his true home these days. He is always found alongside the Vagis, who has never been seen to leave his side.


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