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The Godmoot is a diplomatic endeavor occuring every three to six years and lasting anywhere from two to eight weeks, having occured since soon after the first major pantheons encountered one another upon the planes. Though rarely witnessed by outsiders (with the exception of the rilmani), what is known is that this event entails a meeting of the leaders of every pantheon as well as the most prominent non-pantheoned deities at the base of the Spire, where they can discuss major issues key to the multiverse on equal ground (the base of the Spire neutralizing even deific natures and abilities). For the sake of continued existence, even the most chaotic of pantheons attend and abide by decisions made at the Godmoots, having no wish to risk putting the entirety of other pantheons against them.

Though always held in secret for both security and privacy reasons, these diplomatic conventions are moderated by the entire council of aurumach rilmani, with the entire kind serving as both third-party observers and security for its duration. The minutes of each Godmoot (after being censored for issues of a sensitive nature and approved by the collected powers) tend to be released by the rilmani about two to three months following its conclusion. The truth of these reports has always been confirmed by the powers when those with the ability to inquire have, and given the potential of divine retribution against the rilmani were they to do otherwise, it is now assumed that the rilmani minutes are entirely accurate recordings of the events transpired.

The Divine Compact was signed at one of the first Godmoots, and all new pantheons entering into the planes are believed to be "encouraged" to become signatories before making any major planar actions.


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