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A treaty between all the major pantheons with planar presence in the multiverse, the Divine Compact is a deeply involved document, but boils down to five major clauses.

  1. No power may manifest an avatar above a certain level of strength upon the Prime Material Plane, nor may they manifest through any nonphysical means on that plane unless they dwell within the plane.
  2. If any two powers or pantheons set at war with one another, no outsider power may interfere on either side of that war without the express approval of both primary combatants.
  3. No power may directly slay the follower of another deity, nor instruct their own followers to do the same writ large upon the planes. (However, many darker deities exploit certain loopholes to get around this clause by ordering their followers only indirectly through intermediaries, or on a case by case basis for specific key individuals.)
  4. Any power must allow the resurrection of their followers by the follower of another deity if given proper compensation by that deity.
  5. No power may restrict the ability of another power to grant boons to their followers.

This treaty was signed at one of the first Godmoots, after it quickly became apparent that were powers to act unrestricted, they could easily wipe themselves out through direct attacks against one another's followers. It applies to the members of all pantheons whose leaders are signatories, as well as any individual deities that have signed it. Most pantheon-free deities that have not signed it still abide by it in principle to avoid drawing the wrath of other deities, but only to a degree.

Any new pantheon making inroads upon the planes is invited to the next Godmoot and presented the opportunity to become a signatory; so far, all such have agreed.


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