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Chososion, hazards across the Inner Planes, are odd, ray-like beings covered in fins, with gaping, tooth-rimmed mouths from which twitching pseudopods emerge. These creatures appear tangible enough, but prove unaffected by nearly all matter and energy. Almost always found on their own, the chososion seem to have no society or even language, despite their apparent intelligence.

Chososion were first discovered by the shad of the Elemental Plane of Earth, to whom they owe their name; the word "chososion" in their language translated roughly to "out of reach." These creatures can be found throughout the Ethereal and Inner Planes, floating about and seeking food.

Their origins are unknown, though theories abound on that topic. The most popular, from Vivan of Sigil (more specifically the Madhouse as of late), refers to them as beings from beyond this multiverse, able to exist only on the Inner Planes much as a ghost dwells on the Prime. By this theory, the chososion are tangible within their own reality, but here they have a mere half-existence. Though no confirmation of this has ever been found, the theory gains increasing traction amongst the sages of the planes, with the noted planar biologist Gorad Drummerhaven being an especial proponent.


Chososion appear as odd, otherworldly rays, covered in fins which constantly undulate, seemingly composed of these winglike flaps of flesh. Some say that the chososion vanishes should the motion of these fins cease, possible evidence for the Vivan theory of their origin.

Though nearly fully intangible to this realm, and thus fairly well defended from most forms of attack, they do have one solid portion; the long, prehensile pseudopods that protrude out their maw. These tendrils are fully solid, the better to grasp its foes and defend itself, but this works both ways; compared to the body, the pseudopods are an easy target for those needing to defend themselves. However, the chososion does have the ability to regrow these manipulators if harmed, sometimes even readying replacements in advance if it faces possible harm; even under this situation, however, the chososion never has more than two pseudopods coming from its mouth at a time.

Though its actions suggest feeding, the creature does not seem to consume any of the substances found on the planes. Some believe the chososion feeds on the primal nature of these planes itself, satiating itself by its mere presence, though such beliefs are obviously unsubstantiated. Until a person manages to converse with a chososion directly, such things will continue to be mysteries.


Images of Chososions
A Chososion on the Ethereal.  


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