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Enter Pathfinder Stats

Not all efforts by the rilmani at upholding the Balance are focused upon the planes. The Prime is just as key to the multiverse as anywhere else, and it is the argenachs that are sworn to ensure imbalance doesn't take hold in its various worlds.


In their natural forms, argenachs appear as tall, slender creatures with a silvery sheen to their skin. On the Outlands, they most often wear long, flowing robes of white, though when on a mission on the Prime, they appear however best fits their role. Argenachs are subtle manipulators when on duty, often taking the role of a helpful sage or adviser, gently nudging for a return to the Balance.

Argenachs are a reclusive caste even more so than the rilmani's generally secretive tendencies. They rarely interact with other rilmani except to receive their briefings from the aurumachs. They have a broad allowance to accomplish their tasks given their skills, and usually nothing more than a description of the goal need be given; the specific methods by which it will be accomplished are to be determined by them in the field.


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