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Though the Abyss is commonly believed to have 666 layers, many sages believe the true number to be infinite; of course, as there is no rhyme and reason to their interconnections, keeping track of these layers and determining a solid count at first seems as though it may be impossible. Fighting this belief is a millennium-old project founded by Factol Clarille herself, founder of the Fraternity of Order, in the fourth year of the formation of her faction. After the discovery of the once-lost keep of Cabiri, an obyrith with scrying portals reaching throughout the Abyss, by agents of the Fraternity of Order exploring Pazunia[1], they realized the need to categorize the many-varied and supposedly infinite layers of that plane. Thus, Factol Clarille instituted a project that would enumerate and describe every layer of the Abyss as it was reported to them, a project that would result in a single definitive listing. This listing, known today as the Lexicon of the Abyss, has now become the standard reference for Abyssal layers even upon the Material Plane, the central source for both name and number, number assigned according to order of confirmation.

Names for layers are based on names used by any locals or, if such names are unknown or cannot be spoken in Common, by those issuing the report to the Fraternity. By convention, while a layer may be informally listed based only on basic reports, it is only to be assigned a number when the faction has confirmed those reports and verified that the traveler has not simply arrived in a previously-unknown location within an already-recorded layer, to prevent confusion and unnecessary duplication. Past errors have led their standards to become increasingly tightened over the years, and as a result, many are surprised to see the high layer number given to commonly-known layers; the Guvners prefer to be certain.

Presently, 679 distinct layers have been officially recorded, with 141 known to be both survivable and habitable in the long term by planars[2]. Here then is a portion of the Lexicon of the Abyss as of now, a list of all recorded layers of the Abyss alongside their layer number and the demon prince, deity, or other entity that rules each layer.

Layer Number[3] Layer Name Lord Year recorded/discovered
1 Plain of Infinite Portals None Hashkar -853
2 Driller's Hives Tharzax Hashkar -852
3 Forgotten Land Abandoned Hashkar -845
4 Grand Abyss Contested Hashkar -844
5 Wormblood Contested Hashkar -837
6 Realm of a Million Eyes Great Mother Hashkar -835
7 Phantom Plane Sess'innek Hashkar -834
8 Skin-shedder Volisupula Hashkar -834
9 Burningwater None Hashkar -834
10 That Hellhole None Hashkar -833
11 Molrat Contested Hashkar -823
12 Twelvetrees None Hashkar -823
13 Blood Tor Beshaba and Umberlee Hashkar -817
14 Steaming Fen Queen of Chaos
17 Death's Reward Abraxas
21 Sixth Pyre Kardum
23 Ice Wastes Kostchtchie Hashkar -805
27 Malignebula Lissa'aere
32 Fields of Consumption Turaglas
45 Azzagrat Graz'zt Hashkar -787
46 Azzagrat Graz'zt Hashkar -787
47 Azzagrat Graz'zt Hashkar -787
49 Shaddonon Rhyxali
52 Vorganund Contested
57 Torturous Truth Alvarez
66 Demonweb Pits Lolth Hashkar -757
67 Heaving Hills Verrangoin Hashkar -756
68 Swallowed Void Abandoned Hashkar -756
69 Crushing Plain None Hashkar -756
70 Ice Floe None Hashkar -755
71 Spirac None Hashkar -750
72 Darklight Nocticula Hashkar -748
73 Wells of Darkness None Hashkar -745
74 Smaragd Merrshaulk, Ramenos, and Sseth Hashkar -743
77 Gates of Heaven Munkir and Nekir
79 Emessu Tunnels Anarazel
81 The Blood Shallows None
88 Gaping Maw Demogorgon Hashkar -735
89 Shadowsea Dagon
90 Guttering Cove Ilsidahur
92 Ulgurshek N/A
99 Unnamed Contested
111 Mind of Evil Sch’theraqpasstt
113 Thanatos Kiaransalee Hashkar -685
128 Slugbed Lupercio
137 Outcasts' End Azazel
142 Lifebane Chemosh
148 Torrent Contested
176 Hollow's Heart Fraz-Urb'luu
177 Writhing Realm Ugudenk
181 Rotting Plain Laogzed Hashkar -599
193 Vulgarea Eshebala
222 Slime Pits Juiblex and Zuggtmoy Hashkar -539
223 Offalmound Contested (Formerly Moander)
230 Dreaming Gulf None
241 Palpitatia Grankhul and Skiggaret
245 Scalding Sea Contested
248 Hidden Layer Eltab (imprisoned on the Prime)
274 Durao None Hashkar -455
297 Sighing Cliffs Lynkhab
300 Feng-Tu Tou Mu and Lu Yueh
303 Sulfanorum None Hashkar -415
313 Gorrison's Grasp Contested
333 Broken Scale Hiddukel
340 Black Blizzard Contested
348 Fortress of Indifference Tapheon
357 Arc of Eternity Eldanoth
377 Plains of Gallenshu Amanite Hashkar -300
399 Worm Realm Urdlen Hashkar -276
400 Woeful Escarand Lords of Woe Hashkar -275
403 Rainless Waste None
421 White Kingdom Doresain
422 Yeenoghu's Realm Yeenoghu Hashkar -257
423 Galun-Khur Unknown
444 Unknown The Adaru
452 Ahriman-abad Ahrimanes
471 Androlynne Pale Night
480 Guttlevetch Abandoned
487 Lair of the Beast Kanchelsis
489 Noisome Vale Tarnhem
493 The Sleeping Isle Siragle
499 Carroristo None
503 Torremor Pazuzu Hashkar -128
507 Occipitus Adimarchus
518 Melantholep Melantholep
524 Shatterstone Vaprak
528 Unnamed None (Formerly Juiblex)
531 Vudra Shaktari
558 Fleshforges Dwiergus
566 Soulfreeze Aseroth
570 Shendilavri Malcanthet
586 Prison of the Mad God Diinkarazan Hashkar -2
591 Goranthis Socothbenoth
600 Endless Maze Baphomet and Pale Night
601 Conflagratum Alzrius
628 Vallashan None
643 Caverns of the Skull Goddess Kali Hashkar 90
651 Nethuria Vucarik
652 Rift of Corrosion Contested
663 Zionyn Obox-ob
679 Hashkar 126

Notes and References

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  3. Determined by order of discovery or recording by the Fraternity of Order