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CE Male obyrith
Home: Wells of Darkness
Allies: Dagon, Obox-Ob, Queen of Chaos
Enemies: Bechard (dead), Pazuzu, Ubothar
Enter PF Stats

Cabiri the many-eyed, the Watching Master, is recorded as one of the first of the obyrith, thought to have existed perhaps as long as the Abyss itself. For eons, he had served as an advisor and oracle for all the great obyriths: Dagon, Obox-Ob, even the Queen of Chaos. His visions gave him great personal power as well, allowing him to maintain his position for untold ages as the dominant force in the continuous four-way war for Pazunia between himself, Pazuzu, Bechard, and Ubothar. Still, this war was but a minor distraction from his true interest: uncovering the secrets of the Abyss. From his stronghold, his scrying reached to all layers, and nowhere within the plane could avoid his sight. Long suspecting hidden truths behind the plane and its inhabitants, it was his hope that with enough study and enough observation, he could uncover his true nature and that of the Abyss itself.

Ironically, it was not this scrying that led to what many suspect was his pyrrhic success, but the War Between Law and Chaos. The Queen of Chaos often consulted with Cabiri, and many victories by the obyriths could be credited solely to Cabiri's insight and visions. However, he was never seen to participate directly, and common belief is that it was this reluctance that led to his present fate. The truth, as it often is, is far more complicated. The War seemed assured for the Queen, but Cabiri's unquestionable foresight revealed the ultimate fate of his kind and the rise of the tanar'ri. Leaving Pazunia behind, he retreated into the depths of the Abyss, abandoning his stronghold and his boundless holdings that he could avoid meeting the same fate as most of his kin. There, he kept himself in secret for many eons, waiting out the fall of the obyrith only occasionally bespied by others. Alone, he continued his studies, meeting with other great figures on occasion to seek out further guidance. From these occasional encounters, it's known that his research brought him to investigate and seek out the baernaloths, those mythical beings said to have been the progenitors of the yugoloths.

Whether he succeeded or not is unknown. What is known is that eventually, Cabiri was discovered to have been imprisoned within one of the Wells of Darkness. Since then, he has only occasionally been noted as receiving visitors; binders seeking a new vestige, sages hoping to follow in his footsteps, demons looking for advice on taking new footing in the Abyss, and a significant number of yugoloths doing nothing more but silently watching his well.


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