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Believed by most to be the source of the Outlands' magic dampening properties, this infinite pillar stands at the center of the plane, the city of Sigil floating high above at its peak. All that have ever visited the Outlands know of it, but few have ever actually traveled to its base, thanks largely to the difficulty and danger of taking such a journey through the ever-weakening of magic as one approaches it. At its base, even the most powerful of deities are no more than mere mortals.

The Spire once served as the center of the Outlander kamerel empires in the ancient past. Nowadays, the rilmani make their home here, far off the beaten path where they can seek their communions with Neutrality in peace. Other than the occasional Rilmani settlement, there is little of interest to be found at its base, though the irregular godmoot is known to take place amongst its foothills under rilmani guard.


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