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The armies of the rilmani are almost wholly made up of the ferrumachs, the foot soldiers of their people. Steadfast fighting men, the ferrumachs are ready and willing to face any danger — good or evil, law or chaos — in the name of the Balance.


The soldiers of the Spire are obvious in their position from first glance. Stoic, broad-shouldered beings of human-like appearance, ferrumach in their natural form are almost never seen without their thick suits of dark, spiked plate armor. Their bodies look to be almost solid masses of muscle, their skin an iron grey of almost the same hue as their armor. Ferrumachs move with a complete lack of grace, but seem to have little need for it, resorting to brute force and head-on confrontation to achieve their goals. Ferrumachs are rarely encountered without a mount, either a phantom steed or a kuldurath.

Ferrumachs live apart from the other rilmani, dwelling in massive grey fortresses and towers around the Spire so as to not be distracted by matters outside their purview. When not dispatched to other realms to fight for Balance, ferrumachs defend the rilmani lands from attack, eternally vigilant for those that might seek to do harm to them; a small list, but a significant one. Of all the rilmani, the ferrumachs come closest to tipping over into lawfulness, but they work to remain adaptable enough to keep from falling fully into that outlook, cultivating individuality and quirks and steadfastly working to prevent any sort of hierarchy of command from emerging in their ranks. While the rilmani prefer to avoid involvement in direct action, it's required more often than they would like when no other possibilities can be foreseen, and so the ferrumachs are often dispatched outside the Outlands to fight for the Balance. When fighting on the Prime, ferrumachs will usually (but not always) take the form of those on the side they are aiding in battle, revealing their true natures only if it's deemed absolutely necessary for their goals. Ferrumachs often work alongside cuprilachs, who they regard as equals on the battlefield despite their differing approaches.


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