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NE Female wood elf rogue 11
Home: Sigil
Allies: Wooly Cupgrass, P. Cad Peadle, Shemeshka the Marauder
Enemies: Dustmen

Though her job's changed many times, Verden's been a common sight to the people of Sigil dating back hundreds of years. Though originally a Prime of Oerth, she stumbled into the City of Doors after a stolen gem revealed itself unexpectedly as a gate key; ever since that first trip, she hasn't had any desire to head back home, having flitted from career to career in the dozens of decades since. A very intense individual, she's of the habit of focusing all of her energy on a single interest, hobby, or person almost frantically until the flames of passion cool and her attention wanes, leading her onto something else. As an elf, this can in some cases take years, but she's never been one to truly commit long term to anything, finding too much out there to ever restrict herself. As of late, she's served as the hostess of the Azure Iris, a small inn above Fortune's Wheel in the Lady's Ward where her job is to see to the needs of the casino's customers and ensure that their stay in the Iris is just as they'd like it.

Given her continued youthful appearance over the centuries, a long time to stay young even for an elf, it's an open secret that she's spent a good deal of time pursuing all manner of means by which she can keep herself in the prime of her life; elixirs of longevity or youth, rings of regeneration, spells, balms, medicines, anything that can keep her as she is. Some rumor that she has connections to the little-known sect known as the Prolongers, but most simply believe it's nothing more than vanity. What is known is that the Dustmen — the contract-writer Qaida in particular — have seemed to have had an especial interest in her as of late, almost waiting for her to simply drop dead at any moment.




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