Temporal stalker

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Many outside the field of chronomancy, when first learning of the possibilities of time travel, wonder just what happens to the souls and minds of those no longer existent, those changed beyond recognition by manipulations of the timestream if not erased entirely. The temporal stalker is the answer to that; vaguely similar to undead, these beings are the spirits of those that no longer have a place in reality, the only physical form left to them the self-animated dust of Time.


As a manifestation of that which no longer is, the temporal stalker has no form of society, nor even recognition of others of its kind, and they seem to be largely ignored by the life native to Temporal Prime. The only things that draw the attention of a temporal stalker are linear beings passing through the plane, for which they have a special ire; especially those that have engaged in repeated temporal transits with little-to-no ill effect to themselves. Whenever such a being comes into their somewhat limited awareness, they spare no expense at tracking them so long as they remain within the plane, seeking to rip them from time as they themselves once were with no regard for their own safety. Thankfully, these beings simply cannot exist outside the bounds of the Demiplane of Time, as they no longer have any place whatsoever in the current state of reality.


Temporal stalkers appear as humanoid forms of dust, vaguely resembling the forms they had while they still existed, but with few if any identifiable features that would truly connect them to their former lives. Through the dust, the silver light of the essence that barely clings to this reality occasionally flashes through, but otherwise they almost resemble elementals.


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