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Among the most powerful servants of good, t'uen-rin are forceful fighters in service of the Upper Planes. These horse-like beings of Arcadia are great enough that to some Prime Material cultures, they are the ultimate embodiment of good.


T'uen-rin are distantly related to the ki-rin of the Prime, and have a vague physical resemblance to that species. Something like a cross between zebras and goats, t'uen-rin have striped coats covered in golden scales, scintillating in the light with impossible shades. They have horns and hooves of pinkish-ivory, manes and tails of deep, dark gold, and eyes of deep violet. A t'uen-rin is a beautiful animal, and many say there's no sight grander than one galloping across the sky at sunrise. When a t'uen-rin walks upon the ground, flowers grow in its footsteps, and no natural, nonevil animal will ever harm a t'uen-rin. A t'uen-rin can speak all human languages, and can also communicate with any intelligent creature through its powers of telepathy and empathy.

A very limited species, only a couple dozen t'uen-rin are known to exist. And as all t'uen-rin are female, it's unknown if the population has any chance of growing. Some say the t'uen-rin are merely the female counterparts to the all-male ki-rin, in fact one species split into two, but both species are silent on the issue. If the t'uen-rin are limited, however, then every time one is killed, something unique and irreplaceable is lost to the multiverse.

Though very occasionally seen on the Prime, t'uen-rin are most often found fighting evil in the Outer Planes. Powerful creatures, few beings are both strong and stupid enough to fight one alone in a fair fight; their reputation on the Prime is well-earned, after all. However, as they spend most of their time when not fighting evil dwelling amongst the clouds, many spending centuries between landfalls, most say they are starting to unwisely place themselves apart from and above mortal affairs. Distancing themselves from life below is encouraging in many of them a seed of arrogance and superiority, and a number of bloods believe the t'uen-rin are heading towards a downfall if this attitude continues.


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