Semuanya's Bog

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A vast swampland, the bog of Semuanya is home to a wide variety of reptilian peoples: troglodytes, xvarts, kobolds, dragons, and even a draconian or two here and there. The vast majority of its inhabitants, however, are lizardfolk, both planar and petitioner. Located on the far shores of Tir fo Thuinn, not too far from the gate-town of Curst, this realm is a sanctuary to all of reptile descent, and all such beings are encouraged to come and thrive in the lush marshy lands.

Beyond the reptilian peoples and prey animals that fill this bog, a large number of nonsentient reptiles can be found here too. Alligators live here in great numbers, of course, serving as they do as Semuanya's symbol. Monitor lizards and constrictors are also occasionally spotted here, as are most smaller lizards. Rumor has it even some of the great "thunder lizards", or dinosaurs as most know them, lurk in the depths of the swamp.


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