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Enter Pathfinder Stats

Plumachs are the most commonly seen rilmani, charged with defending the Outlands itself from imbalance. Insular and isolationist, they watch the plane, rarely stepping in.


Short and stocky, plumachs are the least impressive-looking and least powerful of the rilmani, the commoners of their people. Though they do have the metallic skin of all rilmani, in their case it's a dull grey, resembling iron more than any precious metal. Though neither graceful nor strong, they have a stubbornness little matched. Found throughout the Outlands, though more common the closer one moves towards the Spire, the plumachs are constantly on watch for movements against the Balance at home. They do little personally to stop any such events, however, preferring to merely report them to the higher rilmani, assenting to their greater experience. If given the choice, a plumach will always prefer to keep to his or her own business, an excellent expression of rilmani secrecy even while amongst others.

Besides watching the Outlands, the plumachs serve to keep rilmani society functioning, given that the other castes often have their focus taken by matters of the Balance afar. Though rilmani require no food, shelter, or clothing, their settlements still require the occasional upkeep, and plumachs perform these tasks. Plumachs are also the artists of the rilmani, creating crafts and works of art the equal of any human craftsman. Ironically, plumachs are also forced to serve as the teamsters and merchants of their kind, engaging in trade with those outside their society; though they dislike this service, they understand its necessity, often using the opportunity to take a closer look at events within towns and villages across their plane.


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