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An ooze is any sort of amorphous, mutable creature. Most oozes have little more intelligence than animals, acting purely by reflex. Oozes often secrete acid, but not all sorts have this capability. The widest variety of oozes can of course be found upon the Paraelemental Plane of Ooze, but oozes of various sorts can be found all about the multiverse.

Snowflake Ooze


Native to cold climates, this ooze can most often be found in areas of extremely low temperature. Most often the plane of Ice or the frozen fields of Cania, but any frigid environs may be the dwelling place for snowflake oozes. Snowflake oozes can be as small as 4 feet wide or as large as 10 feet, with a depth of up to 4 inches and weighing between 15 and 250 pounds. In appearance, they largely resemble nothing more than a puddle of slush at first glance, and they exploit this resemblance instinctively to capture their preferred prey: warm-blooded creatures. However, upon closer examination, one can see that they in fact much more resemble a massive snowflake, composed of spires of ooze in a lattice otherwise made up of empty space. This composition gives them the ability to ignore many attacks even more so than other oozes, as the blows tend to pass entirely through their form with minimal damage.

Like many oozes, snowflake oozes have the ability to split; in their case, when hit with any sort of strong bashing force. It is by this means that snowflake oozes reproduce, each division being half the volume of the parent down to the smallest dimensions listed above; a snowflake ooze cannot divide below this size.


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