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Standing just shy of seven feet tall, Magpie the Warforged is without doubt one of the most imposing humanoids in the Guild of Planewalkers, her polished mithril and darkwood body true pieces of craftsmanship that in all but flesh looks real. Although she was once of a more golem-like structure, she has since had herself 'redesigned' to better suit her own view of herself. Despite her taller than average size, she looks like a human woman in body and although her face is incapable of expressing the same range of emotions as one of actual face and blood, learning her many moods (blissful and naive inquisitiveness being the most common) is not very difficult.

Her eyes are two empty sockets with intensive green glares like needlepricks in them, and although she has been given eyelids, it is not unusual for the golem-like construct to forget to blink every once in a while, which some might find disconcerting. Even so, the glow of her eyes, modulated by mood it seems, and attention, are in themselves fascinating to look at, as they act both as and not as pupils of a normal human. Also, you can't really touch them, trust me, it's been tried.

Magpie has gone through great lengths to reproduce the plethora of pictograms, holy passages and runes of blessing on her new form, all of them written in a language now long gone, with the result of her looking more 'new' than before, most, if not all, of the weathering she had endured now repaired. The sole exception is the personal symbol of Magpie herself, imprinted on her forehead and glowing with a faint green light, which she has not altered, as that is only something her creator has the right to do.

While Magpie generally doesn't wear much in terms of clothing, she's taking to sewing recently and often makes cloaks, shirts, belts and other little things from stumps or left-over cloth she finds.

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