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A scattered and aimless species, with no true name for themselves and no direction.

Save for their species-wide addiction to Diamonds, they do not want for anything. This lack of direction and their relative rarity means that few among the planes have met, or even heard of them, though rumors and speculation of their nature among those who have are common.


Little is known about the history of their species, as they themselves have little in the way of community, or desire to record their own past. Magical attempts to discern their nature or origins have mostly failed, due to their innate resistance to Divination, though as their physical nature hints at their creation being artificial, some theorize that they may be an attempt to create a servile genie species. Efforts to even discern a name have also failed, with the moniker of "Blanks" being the only thing that has stuck, possibly due to their appearance.


Blanks do not have a culture to speak of, as all so far have been found isolated, and any blanks that have been talked to have not given any indication of a larger culture. Many of those talked to did not even believe there were others like them. It is hard to get any information from blanks, as they are largely non-communicative and resistant to bargaining - there is almost nothing they want or need. The only way to motivate most blanks is through the offer of diamonds, with most blanks being unwilling to do anything without the offer.


Blanks do not age, sleep, eat, drink, and have not been documented to reproduce. When injured they do not seem to have any blood, though it has been noted that creatures such as leeches and vampires can still draw sustenance from them. When questioned the vampire revealed that their fluids did not have any flavor, tasting like thickened distilled water. Dissection of their bodies reveals no internal organs, skeletal structure, or anything beyond the flesh-like material that makes up their bodies.

It has been hypothesized that whatever means powers their Wishing abilities also provides them with sustenance, allowing for them to fulfill bodily functions without any organs or means to do so. Whatever this means itself is has yet to be determined, though may be linked to their peculiar addiction to diamonds of any form. Reports of how they actually consume diamonds are varied, with some claiming that they grow mouths to eat them, or crush the diamonds into powder which is absorbed into their skin, or that the diamonds simply sink into them. Whatever the means reported, any that have tried to retrieve the consumed diamonds have proven unsuccessful, no remains of them being found inside the corpses of Blanks.


The appearance of Blanks seems to vary widely, as they can appear to be of any humanoid species. They are not easily disguised, despite this, as they always have a monochromatic skin tone, and universally lack all physical features. It has been theorized that they take on the appearance of any humanoid species they spend time in proximity to, as a failed means of disguising or integrating themselves, or that they might have a mutable appearance that takes on traits of the observer. This mockery is only skin-deep however, as any claws, fur, or other features are nonfunctional, and appear to be part of the same single fleshy mass. Naturally, this ability can make them disturbing to other creatures.

Racial Traits

  • Ability Adjustments: Blank characters receive +2 racial bonus to Constitution. Their nature makes them hardy, but little else.
  • Medium: Blanks are medium creatures and receive no bonuses or penalty for their size.
  • Half-Construct: Blanks are a half-construct species, and as such cannot be raised or resurrected, and do not need to eat, drink or sleep unless they want to gain some benefit from the action. They also gain a +2 racial bonus on saves against disease, mind-affecting effects, poison, and effects which cause exhaustion or fatigue.
  • Slow speed: Blanks have a base movement speed of 20ft per round.
  • Spell-like abilities: Blanks may cast Wish (CL equal to HD) as an at-will spell-like ability. They may not use this ability to create diamonds of any sort. In addition, they have a Constant Nondetection effect on themselves.
  • Diamond Addiction: Blanks suffer an almost inbuilt addiction to diamonds, and must succeed on a DC10+their HD Will save to avoid consuming any that come into their possession. If they manage consume diamonds, they must then make a Fortitude save at the same difficulty to avoid succumbing to a severe addiction, as per the pathfinder addiction rules.
  • Laziness: Blanks suffer a -4 penalty to initiative, as they are listless in nature.
  • Linguist: Blanks begin speaking common, and members with high intelligence scores can learn any other languages except secret languages such as Druidic.
  • Level Adjustment: Blanks have a LA of +2, thus while they are defined by their class levels, they are counted as being two levels higher than their actual level for WBL, XP gain/to next level, CR and effective character level.

RP: 0+0+7+0+18+9-4-2+1 = 29