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The advisors of Mount Celestia, these large owls serve as sages for all manner of being, from mortals to powers.


The creatures resemble nothing more than giant, long-legged owls. Standing as tall as a human, and with a 20' wingspan to boot, these creatures are yet quite light, with hollow bones much as any bird. Noctrals have a number of traits in common with their smaller, more natural kin. They are predatory, nocturnal creatures, and carnivorous; they prefer to hunt their prey at night, though they hunt only the non-sentient and never kill for sport. Under cloak of darkness, noctrals can see or hear They're also stealthy as a true owl at night, flying in total silence and barely visible. Noctrals are covered with a soft plumage ranging from dove grey to deep black, and at night their feathers are naturally cloaked in shadow, aiding their ability to avoid conflict.

Noctrals serve as sages and teachers across the Mount and are always eager to help by sharing knowledge, even if they occasionally sound a bit patronizing while doing so. Given the slightest excuse, a noctral will gleefully reveal all they know on a given subject. However, they never reveal even the slightest knowledge under any conditions or threat if they so much as suspect it might be used for ill purposes. Noctrals are so highly lauded for their knowledge that even some deities use them for knowledge; these powers can be awfully protective of their noctrals, and any harm against one of these divine advisors is near certain to draw the ire of their patron, leading them to send protection in the form of devas or planetars.


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