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Keepers are strange, grey-skinned humanoid creatures found throughout the planes. They rarely travel alone, working in groups of three to six in their efforts at suppressing that which should not in their opinion be known.

The most commonly-given origin of the keepers has its basis in the actions of an unnamed wizard of Sigil some thirteen centuries ago. Having discovered the secret of finding new universes through nothing more than thought, he realized how risky having this knowledge would be. Wishing to ensure he was the only person in the multiverse with the secret of how to accomplish this, he imagined a universe where the keepers existed, and brought them through into this realm, using them as servants to find and destroy any other signs of the secret to this ability, as well as many other dangerous fields of knowledge.

This worked for some time, until one day he grew careless in his orders. Ordering the keepers to keep anyone from discovering how they came to exist in this universe, they obliged him through his own death. By this time, hundreds if not thousands of keepers had already been brought over, each with their own task and their own topic to seek out and destroy.


Keepers appear as bald male humans or half-elves at first glance (more so the latter, thanks to their slightly-pointed ears), though their skin certainly appears off; not only is the color strange, a light shade of grey, but it appears oddly shiny as well. With further investigation, though, their non-human characteristics become more obvious. They move as if their joints are misplaced, bending in strange places.

These creatures normally dress in dark clothing, their hands and heads the only things exposed, with dark-lenses spectacles over their eyes. If seen without these, however, they appear even odder; no toenails, fingernails, musculature, or body hair whatsoever. Even further, under their spectacles are nothing but blank flesh, without even the appearance of a skin-covered socket.

When engaged in interactions with other people, Keepers act strange as well. They seem to act without any level of understanding of society, mimicking the actions of those around them in an attempt to fit into their environment, though usually getting the details slightly off; for example, drinking from a table lamp while sitting in a tavern.


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