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The Hinterlands, located at the periphery of the Outlands, are the realms beyond. These are the infinite expanses located should one travel away from the Spire and beyond the gate-towns. An uninhabited wilderness, little is found here but for the ruins of old cities and abandoned settlements, their original identities unknown to all. The very land itself seems intent on keeping people out, though not directly; instead, no matter how long one journeys into the Hinterlands, when they turn around and resume a spireward path, "civilization" is never more than a weeks'-journey away.

Just short of unexplored, tales of strange findings in the Hinterlands are if not common, at least known to most cutters. Tales of gates to unknown planes or even entirely new realities have spread for centuries across the planes, and many have sought to discover these findings for themselves. Such efforts often fail, however, as the Hinterlands seem to shift over time. Never under a person's gaze, but a site left is often lost by that explorer, only to be rediscovered by another party in their own travels.



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