Heart of Aoskar

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Heart of Aoskar (Minor Artifact)
SLOT none CL 19th WEIGHT 8 lbs.
AURA strong conjuration

The only known surviving relic of Aoskar, the Heart of Aoskar was discovered by the Will of the One within an unnamed catacomb of Undersigil in what is believed to have at one point been an abandoned meeting place for his cult before being lost in a tunnel collapse.

The Heart of Aoskar looks like a replica of a heart the size of a human head made of brass and tin, covered in panels and keyholes of varying shapes and sizes. If opened, its interior seems to be an impossibly complex construction of clockwork. Its panels can shift and slide along the surface in any number of configurations, but no matter how much one transforms the heart, it never loses its shape. When unlocked in the proper sequence, the Heart activates, sending all nearby to a seemingly-random plane of existence.

During the height of his church, the Heart of Aoskar was used to send the faithful out to unknown destinations, the better for fate to bring his followers to good fortune. Today, though, it is used as nothing more than a focus for the Will's efforts at divine resurrection, locked within Sigil where its powers are likely useless.

On a DC 30 Disable Device check, the Heart of Aoskar forms a spontaneous portal, transporting all creatures within 15 feet to a random plane as per plane shift, but disregarding boundaries of connecting planes or restrictions on planar travel. What plane the user and those around him appear on is determined by the DM or at random. The Heart does not travel with the user.


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