Eternal Haze

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The Eternal Haze is the boundary region that blends the location of contact between the Elemental Plane of Air and the Paraelemental Plane of Smoke. The temperature is much more survivable here for the average mortal than in the majority of Smoke, though the vapors to be found here before reaching the purity of Air are still extremely dangerous, not yet having completely attenuated; those within its bounds without protection against its poisonous mists must make a Fortitude save once a round, with failure granting one point of Con damage. It is here that the Hidden City can be found, said by many to be a point of shelter, only opening its gates to those truly in need and remaining yet undetected to those that would seek to harm its inhabitants.

Desert Wind, the realm of the Egyptian god Shu, is located in this region on the side of Air.


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