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Rune of Elysium
Alignment Neutral Good
Number of layers 4
Associated Faction Transcendent Order
Gate-Town Ecstasy
Inhabitants of Elysium

Physical Conditions

The primary means of transportation through Elysium is the River Oceanus, which runs through all four layers. Yggdrasil also connects across the layers, and can also serve as a means of transportation. Movement on foot, however, is also used by many, thanks to the Travelers' Way; an effect whereby those who do good deeds along their travel will find themselves quickly arriving at their destination, while those who do not will never arrive. This both speeds transit across the plane and helps to protect against invaders from outside.

There is no bad weather on Elysium; days are always bright and sunny, while nights are always cool and calm. Though it never seems to rain here, daily coatings of dew cover the plants of the plane each day, providing the necessary moisture for them to thrive.

Elysium is quite unfriendly to undead, with any who enter the plane suffering 2d6 damage per round until they leave. Their skin begins to smoke and burn, as if they were immersed within holy water; those with throats begin to cough and choke. Eventually, when the undead is reduced to 0 hit points, they burst into flames, leaving behind only a few ashes that are soon scattered by the wind.

Magical Conditions

Abjuration No change
Conjuration Summoning spells fail to function on a native of Elysium, causing them to be much more difficult to cast here. Summoning spells may bring nonnative creatures, but any such beings who are of good alignment gain a +4 bonus to their saving throw to resist the summoning.
Divination Divination spells that obscure, hide, or falsify information are guaranteed to fail on Elysium.
Enchantment All charm and hold spells fail against any natives of Elysium. They may function on nonnatives, but good-aligned beings receive a +4 bonus to saving throws vs. these spells.
Evocation No change
Illusion No change
Necromancy Any necromantic spell that causes harm or inflicts damage fails entirely, with a 33% chance of backlashing on the caster.
Transmutation No change
Elemental Any summoned pseudoelementals on Elysium are automatically free upon summoning, working willingly for the summoner if summoned for the cause of good.

Spell Keys

  • Lawful beings: Some sort of definitive item; i.e., a ruler or abacus
  • Neutral beings: Some item related to their class or specialty; i.e., a twig which resembles a wand
  • Chaotic beings: An imaginative item; i.e., a whistle, small toy, or child's ball