Conduit cleaver

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Little is known about this mysterious creature; not even if it truly exists. Many reports circulate amongst Astral travelers about the vicious conduit cleaver, described as a humanoid creature with dozens of massive blades in place of arms, able to slice through a conduit without a bit of effort. However, no solid evidence has ever surfaced about the creature, leading many to consider the beast as little more than screed from a few barmies.

Of those reports that do exist, few agree on its nature, giving even less likelihood of its actual existence: some say it looks incorporeal or translucent like a ghost, others that it has a distinct fiendish air to it, still others that it looks like some form of rabid elemental. Some claim to have seen massive hordes of them in the distance, drifting through the void in search of conduits with no more signs of intelligence than a streaker, while others say the creature is singular, a unique beast and natural occurrence in the plane akin to an astral dreadnought. With so little reliable on the creature, for now it's held as nothing but a tale shared between planewalkers at pubs.


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