Book of Lies

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A powerful artifact, the Book of Lies has been a holding of the Dustmen for ages. Kept safe in a stronghold on Thanatos, the Dustmen protect this artifact from the thievings of others eager to use its abilities for themselves. The Book of Lies is a large tome, four feet tall and three feet wide, and it contains an infinite number of pages.

The book is quite powerful, indeed an artifact in its own right, and many could profit greatly from its abilities, for it records every lie spoken anywhere in the multiverse. While holding this book, all one must do is speak a person's name, and the Book opens to reveal a list of every falsehood and prevarication spoken by that person in chronological order. However, using this book does require a bit of effort on the part of the reader, as no context is provided for any of the lies; a person using this tome likely must scour through a number of pointless white lies to find any useful information.

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