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One of the oldest species on the inner planes, azer are a regimented and stern people that carry a reputation throughout the multiverse for their skill at smithwork, a reputation that surpasses even their mortal cousins, the dwarves.


Azer dwell in towers across the plane of Fire, each a collective of individuals in which each member of the collective bears a specific position and duty. Azer tend to always place precedence on this system over personal concerns, though it is rare such a conflict arises within an azer, as a clan is always quick to come to the aid of its members for concerns large and small.

To outsiders, azer usually appear quite unfriendly and curt; when confronted with something new, untested, or simply not fitting into their society in some way, they grow uncomfortable and wary. Despite this, they will rarely provoke a fight unless they deem it entirely necessary. However, their judgment of necessary does not always fit that of mortals.

The azer are ruled over as a people by Amaimon, their eternal king. The government of the azer holds no single seat, with Amaimon and his advisors instead moving from tower to tower, visiting each in turn in order to ensure all see their concerns heard and no community is neglected.

But for a small number of mining settlements and colonies on the planes of Mineral and Magma, azer are almost entirely found in the planes of Fire. It is rare that an azer desires to leave his society and abandon his community-issued duties. When it does occur, however, the departing azer is seen no ill will nor any special concern, with their duties merely dispersed across the rest of the tower.

As mentioned above, azer are known across the multiverse for their skills in metal and architecture. Rumors are widespread that the City of Brass itself was once the center of azer society, built by them in the distant past and eventually stolen from them by the efreet. The efreet themselves obviously deny any such rumors, but neither side has presented much proof beyond their word of either claim.

However, it is certain that the efreet, for a variety of reasons, are amongst the most hated enemies of the azer. While this war (somewhat ironically) has long been cold, both sides being near to equal in strength, the occasional skirmish does emerge. The efreet keep a number of azer slaves to exploit their skills in craft, while the azer merely kill any efreet captured in battle, seeing no reason to risk holding one captive despite (and in fact due to) their own innate abilities.


Though planar beings, azer are as near to mortal as the genies. They require no sustenance or sleep, and they are of course ageless beings, but they do reproduce as mortals. It is commonly theorized that the dwarves have some line of descent from the azer, though this cannot be confirmed due to the tangled lines of descent brought about by the dwarven pantheon. However, there is some evidence in its favor, including the existence of the azerblood, planetouched consisting of beings with both azer and dwarven blood in their lineage.


Azer appear to be dwarves with brass-colored skin, their heads wreathed in flame in lieu of the normal dwarven hair and beard. Azer never bother to wear armor, their skin being well thick enough to deflect attacks. As for clothing, they usually wear little more than kilts of brass, bronze, or copper.


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